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Birth with power, confidence, compassion, and strength. 


Birth Doula and Childbirth Classes


Birth Doula

Doulas provide continuous, uncompromised presence during labor.  We include emotional, physical, mental and informational  support. 

Childbirth Classes and Workshops

Our Childbirth classes and workshops are designed to prepare you and your teams before, during labor, and postpartum transition. 


Parents Recommend

Lindsay C.

“As first-time parents, we were nervous about so many things! But Alba helped us every step of the way. She eased our fears, and gave us the tools we needed to make the best decisions for us and our baby. We took a couple classes with her, as I wanted an unmedicated natural birth. She spent hours with us at each session going through everything we needed to know. She was supportive, encouraging, and nurturing. She made me believe as a mom that I was more than capable of having the birth I desired. Our baby ended up in a breech position, so I needed a c-section 10 days early, but as soon as I started having mild contractions, she called me with advice and help. She was always just a phone call or text away. If you are looking for a doula that truly puts her moms first, and cares so deeply about your birth experience, Alba is that perfect person! Thank you for all you have done for us!

Wendy M.

“Alba is passionate and knowledgeable in all areas of pregnancy, birth, and baby!  She was a source of encouragement and calm throughout.  She was incredibly in-tune with my emotions and she validated how I was feeling at each part of my journey which was very comforting.  Alba worked respectfully with hospital staff while helping me advocate for myself in a hospital setting. Ultimately, I feel it was the best decision I made to have her at my side during pregnancy and birth. ”

Matt N.

“Alba has the experience and knowledge to help in any birth situation, but where she excels most is in her intuition. It doesn't matter if this is your first or your fifth birth, Alba is a great addition to have to your birth team.