Get to Know Me
& My Philosophy


Alba Garrigo, C.D.

Childbirth Expert

Mom of four, birth nerd &

passionate about families starting the right way. 

After my second birth, I noticed a lack of support and education for the whole family, regardless of their chosen birth setting. 


So I set out to change that. 

The result is a curriculum and a birth doula philosophy that makes you and your support circle empowered.




Birth is an amazing, crazy, hard, and wonderful process, and throughout history, it has been supported by other experienced women. 

We are here to do just that. 


Through the emotional ups and downs, through the physical challenges, through the tough mental requirements, we never leave your side.


When you just need some more information, to make the right choice, we are there. 

We help you plan for your birth,  help you advocate for yourself in labor, and help support your postpartum plans. 


We are here to empower your voice, promote connections amongst your birth team and help to bring forth a beautiful birth, as you define it!

Birth with power, confidence, compassion, and strength.